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Since 2009, BFE FLEET CONCEPTS GmbH, under the management of owner and managing director Jörn Kater, is among the leading fleet management companies for small and medium-sized businesses with a fleet size of up to 500 vehicles. As a consultancy company, we specialize in vehicle fleet consultancy, fleet management and vehicle pool management.

Fleet Management for Motor Vehicles and Bikes

Fleet Management

Fleet management by BFE Fleet Concepts. Our work is quite different from the usual commercial mobility concepts in the leasing market. In this, we give top priority to individual consultation in all matters concerning your company vehicle pool, including your own specific operating costs. We guarantee neutral consultancy independent of automotive manufacturers and leasing companies, so that we can offer you the optimal choice in contractors.


In the preliminary stages of managing your vehicle fleet, we generally perform our vehicle pool analysis to get a personal overview of your company. By means of our break-even analysis, we determine the cost-optimal useful life, appropriate equipment and engines for your vehicles. With the motor vehicle usage agreement we have developed in cooperation with legal experts, you and your personnel can drive confidently. A detailed operating plan will be drawn up jointly with you. For us to successfully point out target-oriented optimization processes for your vehicle fleet and to provide a service which is individually tailored for your company, we perform this analysis for you free of charge.


Cooperation with our customers then continues in the form of an extensive system solution which includes three options for a future partnership with us. Creation and elaboration of an individual concept for your vehicle fleet, the choice to implement this concept on your own or together with us, and to fully outsource management of your fleet to BFE FLEET CONCEPTS GmbH.
In this, it is important to us as experienced, certified vehicle fleet managers to offer you neutral, and above all practice-oriented solutions with fair conditions.


It is our goal to individually transpose your vehicle fleet using resources efficiently, and thus by means of our fleet management to help securing the future of your enterprise in the long term. It is of great siginificance to us that your vehicle fleet matches your company and integrates perfectly into your processes and structures.

Fleet Mobility

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Managing Director

Jörn Kater

katerTo manage a company's vehicle fleet is certainly no longer a task to be done on the side. Mobility, but also efficiency are extremely demanding requirements. With our competent consultancy, we therefore offer you complex solutions for developing or optimizing your vehicle pool. Take us up on our promise - it is our pleasure to help you.