fleet management

Step by step to the right mobility of your fleet

1st step

Concept Creation

Fleet management with BFE Fleet Concepts – based on the individual fleet analysis mentioned, we will provide you with our conceptual proposal for all conceivable optimization measures for your fleet in the first step.

With this concept we create a comprehensive overall plan for you and show you which effective measures are to be taken for your optimal fleet.

2nd step


In the second step, you have the choice of having the present concept implemented either alone or with us. We support you in this step as a competent and experienced partner. This level of cooperation includes the implementation of all upcoming work processes and intensive coaching of your employees on site.

In order for internal, independent fleet management to be possible by your staff, they must have the necessary know-how for professional implementation.

3rd step

Outsourcing fleet management

Since we attach great importance to long-term cooperation, we offer you our extensive service in the third step. Outsourcing fleet management by BFE Fleet Concepts GmbH.

So that you can concentrate on your core business, we ensure the implementation of our process cost-optimized concept from step 2 with our full-service fleet management. We therefore ensure that all fleet-related processes in your company run smoothly. We take care of the budgeting, the corresponding contract negotiations and develop or revise the car policy/company car regulations.

We also regularly check your contracts for the best possible holding period and adjust them if necessary.