About us

Since 2009, BFE FLEET CONCEPTS GmbH, under the management of owner and managing director Jörn Kater, is among the leading fleet management companies for small and medium-sized businesses with a fleet size of up to 500 vehicles. As a consultancy company, we specialize in vehicle fleet consultancy, fleet management and vehicle pool management.

Managing Director Dipl. - Kfm. Jörn Kater

Jörn Kater

Managing Director

Dipl. -Kfm. and CPM
Certified Fleet Manager

+49 5571 91 69 981

Member of the Executive Board - Melanie Bludau-Kater

Melanie Bludau-Kater

Member of the Executive Board


Management assistant and account manager - Rona Lutz

Rona Lutz

Assistance to the management

Account Manager Michaela Borchert

Michaela Borchert


Certified fleet manager
Business graduate

+49 176 20 84 61 28

Quality management - Moritz Kater

Moritz Kater

Quality management

Quality Management Representative (TÜV)

+49 5571 91 69 981

customer care

Head of Customer Service - Catrin Neugebauer

Catrin Neugebauer

Customer service management

Certified Vehicle Fleet Administrator

+49 176 72 56 65 91

Account Manager Cüneyt Hagedorn

Cüneyt Hagedorn

Team management customer service

Certified fleet manager
Bachelor of Science (VWL)

+49 176 24 05 62 21

Account Manager Jessica Weise

Jessica Weise

customer care

Account Manager Petra Sohns

Petra Sohns

customer service

Account Manager - Ilka-Mirja Siemon

Ilka-Mirja Siemon

customer care

Account Manager Jezika Wendt

Jezika Wendt

customer care

Account Manager Vanessa Voges

Vanessa Voges

customer care

Account Manager Jil Bleckmann

Jil Bleckmann

customer care

Account Manager Darline Kaufmann

Darline Kaufmann

customer care

Account Manager - Janin Artmann

Janine Artmann

Team management customer service

Account Manager - Daniela Rinas

Daniela Rinas

customer care

Account Manager - Birthe Großekathöfer

Birthe Großekathöfer

customer care

Customer advisor Lisa Hampe

Lisa Hampe

customer care

Customer advisor Pamela Röttger-Horn

Pamela Röttger-Horn

customer care

Account Manager - Janine Kieczka

Janine Kieczka

customer care

Account Manager Yannik Volkmar

Yannik Volkmar

customer care

Account Manager Niko Ehbrecht

Niko Ehbrecht

customer care


Back Office Manager - Jana Diedler

Jana Diedler

BackOffice Management

Back Office Laura Voll

Laura Voll

BackOffice Controlling

BackOffice Helga Peters

Helga Peters


Back Office Stefanie Später

Stefanie Später


Back office - Tina Sommer

Tina Sommer


Account Manager Marta Frank

Marta Frank


BackOffice Hanna Fröhlich

Hanna Fröhlich


Account Manager - Lisa Wolfram-Niemeyer

Lisa Wolfram-Niemeyer